T. D. S. O. S.

Welcome to official page of The Deep Sound of Space,

where you can find Music, people from space,

creatures and the meaning of life.

The Deep Sound of Space is a permanent state of making  sound, noise, music and all derivates of the dynamic acoustic range process. In the  process of making music, different experiments are used.

Space Sound Studies

Today It has become  almost impossible to think creatively if you ignore the scientific and technological innovations and the certainly the right path in transdisciplinary thinking goes  through  art and  scientific experimentation. 

At The Deep Sound of Space experimental art Lab, we envision a really common ground, where conceptual art is in your left hand and the ever growing scientific space in the other.

Alongside scientists and specialists with different backgrounds, our absolute aim in this deep and ever increasing field of space studies, to harness sound as a yet silent element and to create  real scientific and artistic value, out of pure cold data, using different experimental approaches.

The Deep Sound of Space project has the main focus on discovering the limitless acoustic background that the Space has to offer using different new media tools and endless creativity.

The outer space capability has grown remarkably with numerous theoretical and practical studies and plenty of exploration missions, that represents for us a field of space sound  design.

This year we are about to start an ambitious reconfiguration program  of sound in the large context of the space. The huge potential of art filtered  space studies are offering multiple range of capabilities in some many fields. 

We really promote International Space cooperations, bringing art and science in the Lab, to enhance the maximum potential out of the human condition.

We believe in the immersiveness of the human acoustic range and all that is beyond that.